Discover New Flavors with High-Quality Baking Fillings

Explore Oleo-Fats’ versatile range of bakery fillings, perfect for both sweet and savory creations. Our fillings, derived from fruit and root crops, are bake-stable and sustainably sourced, ideal for enhancing breads and pastries.

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Elevate Your Baking Creations with Our Customizable Fillings

Oleo-Fats, a distinguished baking fillings manufacturer, excels in crafting both sweet and savory fillings that elevate the baking industry’s standards. Our portfolio includes a rich array of flavors such as chocolate, ube, strawberry, red bean, vanilla, custard, Bavarian, and pandan, catering to diverse culinary preferences and applications. These fillings are designed to be bake-stable, ensuring they can be seamlessly integrated into the baking process or added post-bake without the risk of being overcooked.

We pride ourselves on our sustainable sourcing practices, ensuring that every ingredient we use contributes to the richness of our fillings while respecting the environment. Our commitment to quality and sustainability is recognized through certifications from RSPO, SGS, CIP, and Halal, emphasizing our dedication to producing fillings that meet global standards.

At Oleo-Fats, our high-quality manufacturing facilities are equipped with advanced technology that allows for the precise blending of ingredients, ensuring consistency and flavor integrity in every batch. This meticulous process guarantees that our baking fillings not only enhance the taste of breads and pastries but also maintain their quality and stability, whether used as fillings or toppings.

Our expertise as a baking fillings manufacturer is complemented by our robust distribution capabilities, ensuring that our high-quality products reach clients efficiently and effectively. Truly, we are committed to innovation and excellence, providing baking fillings that inspire creativity and delight in kitchens around the world.

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Exceptional Bakery Fillings At Your Fingertips

Oleo-Fats excels in distributing high-quality baking fillings to a wide array of markets, including bakeshops, manufacturers, and both large-scale and small-scale producers of baked goods. Leveraging advanced facilities and a comprehensive logistics network, we ensure that our versatile baking fillings, perfect for enhancing breads, pastries, and other confections, are delivered efficiently and effectively across regions. Rest assured, our fillings are designed to meet the diverse needs of the culinary industry, providing unmatched flavor and quality to elevate any baked creation.

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