Our manufacturing facilities implement food safety management systems to reduce the risk of safety hazards in food and ensure safe and quality food products.

Workers inside MRI Plant Facility


We search all over the country and across the world for the best available raw materials to create our products. Oleo-Fats uses state-of-the-art refining, oil modification, and food manufacturing facilities under the strictest quality assurance standards. Highly qualified engineers run our factories round the clock to ensure the production of high quality products.


Our Certifications

Our Facilities

We have invested in sophisticated equipment set-ups for research and product developments. We have the following facilities to ensure a thorough development process that ultimately give our customers the best quality products:

female workers in Analytical and Microbiological Lab
Analytical and Microbiological Laboratory
two workers wearing hair net, mask, and white uniforms working in production
Product Development Laboratory
female worker doing quality check on mayonnaise machine
Quality Assurance Laboratory
processor tanks and tunnels inside a pilot Facility
Pilot Facilities
three cooks standing in a kitchen with raw foods on the table
Test Kitchen

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Does your business need specialty products or ingredients? Oleo-Fats just might be the missing link! Our comprehensive list of specialty oils and ingredients caters to the growing needs of the food industry. Talk to the leading specialty ingredients supplier in the country and learn how our custom solutions can help you out.

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