Export Capabilities &
International Markets

Oleo-Fats takes pride in servicing the asia pacific region and the rest of the world. With valued partners and patrons across the globe, our clients are assured of globally competitive and world class quality products.

To date, we regularly export to 18 different countries in Asia, Oceania, Europe, and the Americas. We meet the continuously growing demands of the international food market through continuous innovation in our specialty food oils and ingredients, and exceed expectations through excellent customer service and collaborative partnerships.

Dedicated Export Team

Oleo-Fats exports many products including Philippine coconut oil and coconut-based products all over the world. We have a dedicated export team working with our partner-clients all around the world to deliver the best solutions and products they need.

Packaging Options

A wide range of packaging and box configuration options are available for our products. Learn more about our the different packaging formats which may suit your needs.