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Some of the most popular choices for culinary purposes and food manufacturing, soft oils are the most common oil found in recipes. Connect with Oleo-Fats, one of the top soft oil distributors in the Philippines and get high-quality cooking solutions for all your production needs.


Customizable Soft Oils for Different Food Production Needs

As a world-class partner and supplier of soft cooking oil, Oleo-Fats has perfected its manufacturing process down to delivery for a seamless customer experience for our clients all over the world. From corn-based soft cooking oil to sesame and soybean oils, Oleo-Fats can provide custom packages and blends according to client specifications and needs. We’ll provide high-quality combinations that offer unmatched purity and suitability for all your food manufacturing requirements.

For soft cooking oils, we employ a production line that starts with the importation of base oils from trustworthy foreign soft oil suppliers. These imported oils are then screened and tested to ensure that they are pure and unadulterated with other components and potential contaminants. After which, the soft oils are processed based on client specifications. Because clients from around the world require different characteristics in their soft oils, we also provide soft oil customizations and blends for your specific food processing needs. We then pack our soft oil products based on the custom packing requests that you may have and ship them off using a well-documented delivery process.

If you’re looking for a trustworthy soft cooking oil supplier, Oleo-Fats may be one of the best there is in the oil production industry. With years of experience and partnerships with both local and international brands, Oleo-Fats has perfected a seamless approach to soft cooking oil manufacture and supply. Partner with us today and let us help you reach your production goals through our high-quality soft oil products.


World-Class Soft Oil Distributor in the Philippines

As a soft oil distributor, Oleo-Fats has a seamless supply chain that ensures that our products are imported, processed, packed, and delivered to our partners in record time – regardless of where they are in the world. Oleo-Fats has export capabilities to over 28 countries around the world. We can ship wherever you are in the world, and we guarantee that you will receive your soft oils in the same condition as they leave our internationally certified facilities and manufacturing plants.

With a seamless process in place, our exportation team can provide a convenient, fast, and easy transaction procedure. Work with a leading soft oil distributor today and let’s start streamlining your food manufacturing processes.

Oleo-Fats Soft Cooking Oil Selections

As a leading soft cooking oil supplier, Oleo-Fats has widened its product selection to better cater to our clients in the food manufacturing industry. See our soft oil products below:

corn oil

Corn Oil

One of the most well-known cooking oils around the world, corn oil is a soft oil derived from the germ of maize. It is the top choice for frying and cooking in food manufacturing.

canola oil with yellow flowers

Canola Oil

Made from canola seeds, canola oil is a soft cooking oil recognized for its benefits on heart health. Oleo-Fats processes our canola oil using certified equipment to ensure maximum food safety.

olive oil being poured on glass saucer

Olive Oil

A mainstay in Mediterranean cuisine, olive oil is one of the best heart-healthy cooking oils available in the market today. This soft cooking oil is produced by pressing whole olives and extracting the oil.

Sesame Oil

Sesame Oil

Packed with natural antioxidants and unsaturated fats, sesame oil is a healthy choice for cooking. This is a popular choice for Asian and Middle Eastern cuisine because of its distinct nutty aroma.

soybean oil soybean food beverage products food nutrition concept 1

Soybean Oil

Extracted from soybean seeds, soybean oil is packed with healthy unsaturated fats. Due to its creamy flavor and texture, it’s considered a top choice in mayonnaise and dressing production.

sunflower glass jar oil white table

Sunflower Oil

An edible oil derived from the seeds of sunflowers; sunflower oil is a popular cooking oil substitute, thanks to its clean and neutral flavor. It is also one of the richest sources of vitamin E, an essential vitamin.

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