A Bit of History

Oleo-Fats Inc. (OFI) was established in 1987 as a wholly owned subsidiary of D&L Industries Inc. to specialize in the manufacturing and distribution of specialty fats. It further distinguishes itself from D&L by investing in research and product development, new technology and human resources.

When OFI started more than 30 years ago, the Philippines was the world’s number one exporter of coconut products. More than 25% of the local population was reliant on the coconut industry. Today, the Philippines continues to export coconut to the international market, second now to Indonesia.  With the country’s vast resource of coconuts, OFI has been using coconut oil as one of the main sources for its specialty products.

D&L, the parent company of OFI, was established in 1963. D&L has the largest market share in each of the industries it serves such as manufacturing of customized food ingredients, specialty raw materials for plastics, and oleochemicals for personal and home care use. The company also enjoys long standing customer relationships with the Philippines’ leading consumer and chemical companies. It was listed on the Philippine Stock Exchange in December 2012.

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D&L recently made it on the Forbes Asia’s “Best Under A Billion” list for 2016, the only Philippine firm that made it to this roster of 200 leading public companies in the Asia-Pacific region.

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Oleo-Fats manufactures and markets specialty food ingredients and specialty fats and oil. We are regarded as the leader in specialty food oils and ingredients in the Philippine. Our products are now finding their way in markets across Southeast Asia.


The Power of Oleo-Fats R&D

Since 1987 Oleo-Fats has grown to become the leading manufacturer of specialty oils, fats and ingredients  in the Philippines. The size and diversity of our product portfolio is a reflection of our passion to provide our clientele with tasteful solutions that ultimately impact their own business goals of providing customers with great tasting food.

At Oleo-Fats, we listen and understand the needs of the market. We keep ourselves abreast with the trends, eating habits and buying behaviors of consumers in order to meet their changing demands. Our team research and development specialists take pride in providing innovative solutions to meet the needs of the market.

If it’s not available out there, we are more than willing to create what you need. This is the power of Oleo-Fats’ R&D team. We challenge ourselves with producing products that not only answer problems, but even more importantly anticipate the demand. In doing so, we always stay several steps ahead.

Oleo-Fats offers you our powerful combination of innovative products with Manufacturing excellence.

OFI’s facilities and factories conform to international standards for food manufacturing set by the FSSC 22000, HACCP, GMP and Halal.


We are inspired to create and innovate the best food products for markets who are driven to give the best value to their customers. Our culture of excellence enables us to address the needs of our clientele and this permeates across all aspects of our business.

CUSTOMERS – “We think for you.”

For us, providing the answers for our customers is why we do what we do. We strive to create the solutions that you need so that you can focus on your core business. We treat customers as business partners that is why we understand your needs. We never say no to a customer. We believe that every problem has a solution. Finding that solution is what drives us. We seek to provide you with the answers that will provide your customers with the best food experience and in turn drive growth for your businesses.

LEADERSHIP – “We create the future.”

Today is the future that our founders envisioned. We are blessed to be living the vision that was set by great minds who were unafraid to create their own path. We continue to live under their guidance in creating the great future that we deserve. We place great importance in continuous innovation through our R & D. We invest in the latest equipment so our products we make are consistently abreast with the changing needs of the marker. We make sure our products pass the highest standards of quality assurance testing.

PEOPLE – “Our people make the difference.”

Designing and creating complex solutions that fit your needs are the expertise of our people. We use science, technology and creativity to arrive at the answers that will add value to your products. We have the experience and the dedication to pursue the challenge and arrive at the solution.

PARTNERSHIPS“We believe in partnerships.”

We seek strategic partnerships with companies from all over the globe so that we can further grow and improve our products and services. We believe that with the exchange of ideas with industry leaders we can provide you solutions better than anyone can.

PRODUCTS – “Our products are your solution.”

We envision ourselves as your partners in providing end customers with the best food experience. We have expanded our portfolio of products to include diverse specialty ingredients so that you can in turn deliver the best products to your customers. By customizing our solutions to fit your needs and by providing you the perfect answers for your businesses, we have enabled ourselves to become the industry leader.

MARKETS – “Diversity is our game.”

Because our product portfolio is so diverse, we are able to create solutions for a diverse food manufacturing clientele. We serve food manufacturers in these in these segments:

Food Service (Quick Service Restaurants)






You want to grow your food business? You want to create best food experience for your customers? We have the specialty ingredients to make this happen.

Specialty Fats

Straight Oils

Specialty Products

Traded Items

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