Export Capabilities &
International Markets

Oleo-Fats is capable of exporting various products in different packaging formats around the world.  We are also confidently expanding into a Philippine export processing zone and will be able to more adeptly handle all products for the export market, with focus on the Asia Pacific region. This is a great advantage for our partners who can now make their products easily available to their customers in the region.

We currently export to the following regions:

  • Southeast Asia
  • China
  • Europe
  • Australia
  • Americas

Dedicated Export Team

Oleo-Fats exports many products including Philippine coconut oil and coconut-derived products all over the world. We have a dedicated export team working with our partner-clients all around the world to deliver the best solutions and products they need.

Packaging Options

A wide range of packaging and box configuration options are available for our products. Learn more about our the different packaging formats which may suit your needs.