Proud to be ORGANIC

Living up to our company’s name, we at Oleo-Fats take pride in being the leading producer of premium cooking oils and specialty fats in the country. We offer a wide range of products that cater to both the local and international food industry. One of this is our coconut oil that is highly favored by households and businesses for its health benefits and economic value.

A massive paradigm shift has taken place in the past decade bringing coconut oil to its present glory. Gone are the days when coconut oil is thought to be bad for the heart. Yes, coconut oil is high in saturated fat, but it’s mostly composed of the healthier medium chain triglycerides (MCT) such as lauric acid among others. Studies have proven that MCTs are easily absorbed by the body and converted into energy. Because it is turned into energy instead of being stored as fat, MCTs improve heart and brain functions and even boost the immune system.

We are confident that with these proven health benefits, coconut oil will even achieve greater heights in the coming years. As always, Oleo-Fats is aiming to lead the way—and that is by going organic. The term “organic” attracts consumers as it refers to how agricultural products are grown and processed. In our industry standards, this means employing production methods compliant with the Organic Regulations in all stages of production, preparation, and distribution. Because regulations may vary from country to country, Oleo-Fats has refined its methods to ensure that its best practices are accepted across different regulation bodies.

Organic coconut farming means doing away with synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and bioengineered genes (GMOs). Growth is done using natural fertilizers; weeds are controlled naturally; and pests are managed using plant extracts or use of bio controls or natural enemies. Strict protocols are also implemented to avoid contamination with conventional products and chemicals during harvest, post-harvest, processing, and transport.

Organic production and processing may be more expensive, but it is beneficial for the whole industry in the long run. More people are wanting to be informed about everything they eat, and that’s a good sign. With Oleo-Fats, they can always have a healthier choice.

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