Mavenbutter brand of vegan butter and cut coconut on white surface

Making Vegan Products with Coconut Oil

As more people are choosing the greener option for their diet, Oleo-Fats takes on the lead to produce vegan food solutions for retail and industry, through private label, co-branding, and more. Our expanded vegan line, that ranges from desert mixes to infused oils, is purposely created to offer both cooking and eating experience that will never fall short of satisfaction. After all, plant-based diet shouldn’t be limiting.

We see veganism on the rise because of its health and environmental benefits. Aside from advocating animal welfare, plant-based movement further contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and land and water usage. Taking these principles in mind, it is only logical for Oleo-Fats to use coconut oil as a game changer component for our vegan products. We believe that it is the most environmentally ethical vegetable oil to use, coupled with our topnotch processing and maintenance.

The abundance of coconuts in the Philippines also makes it the perfect plant-based oil for our vegan line. Our vegan butter, for example, is a natural source of lauric fat and a convenient vegan substitute on toast or when baking. It is also a good alternative for people who are lactose intolerant or allergic to dairy.

By continuously expanding and improving our customizable vegan line, we at Oleo-Fats promises to offer better and wider options. We are your world-class partner for ethical and sustainable consumption.

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