Welcome to Oleo-Fats

Welcome to Oleo-Fats Incorporated, the experts in specialty food solutions. For more than thirty years in the food business, Oleo-Fats has remained committed to providing tasteful customized solutions for the Philippine food industry. Regarded as the market leader in specialty fats, oils and food ingredients, we continue to meet the changing needs of our customers by combining its unique competencies in technical product know-how, research and development, innovation as well as skilled personnel.

In addition to providing quality food solutions, OFI’s operations is confidently expanding into the export processing zone and soon will be able to handle all products for the export market, with focus on the Asia Pacific region.  This is the great advantage for our partners who can now make their products easily available to their customers in the region.

A Bit of History

Oleo-Fats Inc. (OFI) was established in 1987 as a wholly owned subsidiary of D&L Industries Inc. to specialize in the manufacturing and distribution of specialty fats. It further distinguishes itself from D&L by investing in research and product development, new technology and human resources.

Quality Ingredients and Technology: The Best of Both Worlds

We search all over the country and across the world for the best available raw materials to create our products.  Oleo-Fats uses state-of-the-art refining and food oil modification facilities under the strictest quality assurance standards. Highly qualified engineers run our factories round the clock to ensure the production of high quality products.

Oleo-Fats is Everywhere

Where there is food, be it in a restaurant, a fastfood, a supermarket shelf or in your own kitchen, chances are Oleo Fats is there, too. We create food products that are used practically anywhere and by everyone. We cater to different markets that require the best quality specialty oils, fats and ingredients.

About Oleo-Fats

We are inspired to create and innovate the best food products for markets who are driven to give the best value to their customers. Our culture of excellence enables us to address the needs of our clientele and this permeates across all aspects of our business.

Our Products

“Our products are your solution.”

We envision ourselves as your partners in providing end customers with the best food experience. We have expanded our portfolio of products to include diverse specialty ingredients so that you can in turn deliver the best products to your customers. By customizing our solutions to fit your needs and by providing you the perfect answers for your businesses, we have enabled ourselves to become the industry leader.






Oleo-Fats believes in the power of collaboration. By aligning with the world’s best in food manufacturing, OFI can deliver greater value to its customers. Food companies in the Philippines and around the Asia Pacific region now have access to world class food ingredients and technology that will in turn help create the best tasting food products.

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    In 1981 the LAINOX company was founded in Vittorio Veneto, Treviso, Italy and specialized in designing and creating equipment for professional restaurateurs, especially multi-use ovens. Its strong entrepreneurial spirit and the quality of its innovations quickly made it stand out, bringing it significant market share in Italy and elsewhere. LAINOX products and services are admired by chefs worldwide and, with a complete range of cooking equipment on five continents, it is considered a global leader.

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    The company was founded in 2005 through the merger of Karlshamns AB (founded 1918 in Karlshamn, Sweden) and Aarhus United A/S (founded 1871 in Aarhus, Denmark).

    The company has been listed, as the current legal entity, on the Stockholm Stock Exchange (OMX) since 2005 and had a total market cap of about 12,3 billion SEK, as of February 13, 2013. The group had a total turnover of 17,207 million SEK, made an operating profit of 151 million SEK (including effects of IAS 39 and non-recurring items), and employed approximately 2,623 employees globally during 2008.

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